Monday, January 25, 2016

Satisfied in the Holy Christ

“Better is a little with righteousness than great income with injustice” (Proverbs 16:8).
Our hearts and minds are often distracted by the culture. Unbelievers seem to be happy, despite the never-ending pursuit of the greater, the bigger, the “more.” How can we find satisfaction in Christ when we often find ourselves in the “have nots?” How do we enjoy holiness more than earthly treasure?

Jesus taught us that finding the kingdom of heaven is like finding hidden treasure we would joyfully sell everything to possess (Matthew 13:44). If Christ is our true satisfaction, then whatever earthly possessions we have left is a gift from God meant to point to Him. In other words, when Christ is our all, we focus on what He does give us and view them as gifts rather than chase the folly of the world by focusing on what we do not have.

We see our relationship to Christ as supremely valuable, which makes any earthly discontentment seem utterly ridiculous. Imagine the surprise you would feel watching the news at night and hearing a billionaire broke into an inner city house and stole an outdated lamp. Even more absurd is a person possessing eternal joys in Christ yet feeling unsatisfied in earthly pleasures we do not possess!

The disciple of Jesus fights this sin of discontentment with daily reminders that Christ is far more valuable than finding ourselves in the earthly category of “the haves.” To know Jesus is to treasure Jesus with our hearts. Nothing on earth compares to He who gave His life for me, reconciling me to my holy God to enjoy forever!

Let us view righteousness as greater than earthly wealth. Let us view enjoying our holy God as more enjoyable than earthly luxuries. Let the hope of Christ’s kingdom completed give rest to our hearts to enjoy Him knowing we possess now full satisfaction in our supremely valuable Savior and Lord.
Heavenly Father, grant us grace to find in Christ full satisfaction. Our hearts are restless, sinfully seeking from the world what ought to be find in Jesus. Forgive us, O Lord, and transform us by Your great power to treasure Christ with all our heart, mind, and strength. May our joy in You increase, and may Your joy be found in Your Church. Amen.

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