Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Knowing and Loving God

“I have stored up Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” -Psalm 119:11
We humans are in desperate need of correction. The Bible tells us that our minds are corrupt and bent toward evil constantly (Genesis 6:5) and that we need the Bible to renew our minds so as to not become like the world around us (Romans12:2). How well do you know the Bible? Do you store up the wisdom from the Word in your heart?

I sense an awkward hesitation from some to attend our Bible studies and discipleship groups, and I am curious if it is our pride being intimidated. We are intimidated by what we don’t know, especially if we walk into a room filled with people who do know the Bible well. Let me teach you a proverb I took up many years ago: do not be ashamed about what you do not know, only from an unwillingness to learn.

The Scripture is God speaking of Himself; His infinite, eternal, everlasting, beauty never fading Self. None of us would know God without Him revealing Himself. And the Lord says to worship the Lord our God with all our minds. Have a desire, a willingness, to learn from His Word. We are to know God well to love God well. Do you know Him well?

I encourage you and your family; do not be content with the label “Christian” without knowing and loving God well. We learn in community as a local church. God made us to need Him and to love Him, and we learn by renewing our minds with Scripture together. Join our Bible studies, discipleship groups, and for our worship gatherings. But don’t leave it there. Take your Bible and learn from God at home. Learn the God you love. He will instruct and correct you, discipline and convict you, to renew your mind to love the Lord will all your mind. Our Lord teaches us His revealed Word that His complete joy may be in us (John 15:11).
Heavenly Father, forgive us for any idle thinking and grant us Your mercy a yearning to receive Your instruction, storing up Your Word in our hearts. Grant us repentance, O Lord, and teach us that Your joy may be in us. We praise You for Your steadfast love given through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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