Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Letter to the Teens

As I sit here thinking about each of you and praying to the Father for you, I cannot help but talk to you directly. I know you guys are going through a lot. And I know you're tired of hearing that your "high school drama" isn't real; but I know the pain is real. Broken relationships, loneliness, sadness, anger, jealousy...it's all real and it really hurts. I also know that I am only aware of like 10% of what you are going through. So, if you're still reading this, stick with me. What I have to say to you is important.

I love you guys. It pains me to see you in pain. When there is "drama" in your life, I am hurt. When you are angry and unforgiving and rebellious, I'm not angry. I am sad and burdened deep in my heart. Why? Because I love you. I care about you. I listen to you more than you think. I'm worried about you more than you realize. So let me explain (please stick with me!).

When I hear about your drama, when I see your tears, when I read your posts, I'm crushed because you look like a man dying from dehydration next to a water fountain. What I mean is this: you have "drama" burdens that are heavy, you come to church, hear the Bible, and sit right next to Jesus and tell Him that you don't need Him or want Him around. (Keep reading, it gets better)

I don't come and teach you the Bible because of some religious ritual. I come to you who are thirsty with a big drink of water. You are hurt, so I bring Jesus to you. If you actually trust Him enough to ruin your broken life and your broken heart, He will change things for your joy and for your good.

Why do you like the way you're living? Do you enjoy holding grudges? Do you smile when people who hurt you are hurt? Do you like having BFFs that come and go every few months? Do you like looking back and seeing relationships that burned up and placing scars on your heart? Is that the way to live life?

Please understand that I am writing to you now with tears on my cheeks. I don't even know if what I'm telling you is making any sense. But please, keep coming to our meetings. I will keep handing you a drink of this water. I can't bear seeing you thirsty. I can't bear seeing you in pain when the Healer is standing next to you.

What is far more important than my love and care for you is where I get this love: Jesus. He loves you and cares for you. He sees you lost without direction and hope. The Bible is not mini lessons of rules, but the best direction and hope. I hope to see you Sunday morning at 9:30. I hope to hear your laughter again. I hope to answer your questions some more. I hope to see you walk with Jesus in love and truth, leaving your prison of "drama" behind.

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