Friday, November 7, 2014

A little note to my flock

After a long couple of days at the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio Annual Meeting, I looked forward to today (Friday) to spend time visiting many of you (Allison Avenue Baptist Church) at your homes. I seemed to have contracted a cold, however, and instead of sharing it with everyone, I've come to be alone in my office.

I've printed out Sunday's sermon notes, read some, written emails, and ate a very spicy Hunan beef. Now, I'm listening to worship music on Pandora. I glanced over to my calendar when a piece of paper with a long list of names written on it catches my eyes. They are your names, my beloved flock.

With each name I read, the Lord recalls to my memory joyous fellowship I ponder in my heart. I cannot thank the Lord enough for each of you. The love and kindness you have shown my family and I have been a warm blessing. When I read your name, I pray for you.

So, I thought I would send you guys a note today. What a tremendous honor and privilege I have to be your shepherd and to gather with you to worship our Good Shepherd together. Let us together praise the Lord for His goodness toward us and His grace to save us.

Please pray for me to not only recover from this cold but also ahead of Sunday's sermons. I pray to be found faithful to the Lord and to preach not only in word but also in power. Please pray for my family. We need Him. Please pray for our church to be faithful to the Great Commission of our Lord. Please pray for the lost in our community to know Christ and for laborers to work in the field in and around Hamilton.

May the grace, peace, and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, my dear flock.

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